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Pleiadian Woman

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  1. Aug 29,  · I have recently met a pleiadian woman. She is just like described, tall blonde and blue eyed with highly advanced telepathic skills. She spoke of unconditional love, peace and joy. Upon first meeting this woman, I knew something was beyond this world about her. I poked her in the shoulder and pulled her hair to see if she was real.
  2. Barbara Marciniak is an internationally acclaimed trance channel, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, Family of Light, and Path of Empowerment, which collectively have been translated into more than twenty languages and have sold over five hundred thousand U.S. copies.. She has a BA in social science, and is the publisher and editor of the quarterly.
  3. Qualities of Pleiadian are intuition, radiance, communication, empathy, imagination, healing, and sensitivity. On Earth, Pleiadians provided the genetic model for the early humans. They nurtured life on Atlantis and Lemuria ; other than human forms, they also helped in the development of other life forms including dolphins and whales.
  4. Apr 14, - Explore lindakerman's board "Pleiadian Women ", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Spirituality, Spiritual art, Starseed pins.
  5. Interview with a Pleiadian woman (video) Mystery and Discover VI, 4/18; Pat Macpherson, Crystal Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly Wiki edit. Interview with a woman from the Pleiades? Be silent and listen. The Pleiades are called the "Seven Sisters" and "Messier 45" are an open star cluster containing B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus.
  6. One Pleiadian woman, perhaps it was the brown-haired one I do not remember, she would frequently have sex with human military soldiers. Military of some countries on Earth have a lot of contact with Pleiadians and Pleiadian women and military soldiers have sex with each other.
  7. Find over 16 Pleiadian Starseeds groups with members near you and meet people in your local community who share your interests.
  8. Aug 28,  · Within the Pleiadian system if the woman comes home and says, “This has been an absolutely wonderfully fulfilling relationship for me. I feel now that it’s time for me to go to the other side of the planet and do something else,” there’s total understanding, total respect with no personal pain withheld on the part of the other person.

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